Here's what our commitment says about us:

"There is no one I owe more to for the development of my game than Jason, taking me from a 7 year old beginner to a Division 1 tennis player. He has the ability to both make the game fun while working his students hard and improving their games. I have seen Jason work with beginners to advanced players. He is a highly effective coach to a player of any level because of his passion and knowledge for the game. I was able to accomplish a lot more than I ever thought I would because I had a coach that in addition to being excellent with strategy, technique, and motivation, is a great friend and someone I enjoyed being around."

--Thomas Fanjoy,

5 Time State Individual Champion and 3 Time State Team Champion

"Jason has consistently been my son's tennis coach for ten years, since Jack was 5.  Even though Jack played other sports during this time, Jason has always held the position of mentor and friend with tennis being his fovorite sport.  My husband and I have always enjoyed watching the relationship between Jason and his students; he is much more than a tennis coach to all of them.  In addition, it has been wonderful to participate in Quentin's seamless entrance into the Academy and we think that together, Jason and Quentin will put out some amazing tennis players as well as good sports."

                                                                                  --Jennifer Brinkley, Troutman, NC

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