MIxed Adult Beginner

Starting with the basics: proper grip, proper swing, forehand & backhand, and proper body rotations.  Additional attention will focus on footwork and positioning self to ball action on the court.  In this beginning level class, students will learn to play together and sustain rally's with each other.  Participants will also learn how to keep score.  This class is al about fun games, drills, and activities.  Make new friends, get a great workout, and have lots of fun.  


Everyone is Welcome!

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Statesville Country Club Tennis Center

April 30, May 7, and 14


Deadline to sign-up is Monday before scheduled class at 12:00 pm.

All SCC Members will receive a 10% discount!

Mixed Adult Beginner

Sign-up here for the Mixed Adult Beginner Tennis Class!

Class Dates
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